Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Winter Blues!

In the dark, cold months of winter, many people stay curled up in the warmth of their homes to escape the dreary conditons which present themselves during this time of year. However, for Plant Geeks, this is still an ideal time for explore the world of trees in ways that most people do not see! Exploring the forests during the winter provides a whole knew emotional experience and atmosphere to even places that you frequently visit during the spring, summer and autumn.

I emplore you to get out to your local parks and wild spaces at least a couple of times during this time of year! Not only do the forests take on a whole new character, you can see much farther into the woods than with the thick cover of foliage during the other seasons. Seef farther, see better, and see more than you can during the summer! Just like taking off a sweater, the forets shed a layer of their own expose a part of their wonder that many ignore and stay concealed from in their homes. So dress up real warm, and breath in the never ending beauty of our environment!

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